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Flatbed & Specialized

We are a Flatbed, Specialized and Heavy Haul carrier in North America for over 15 years. We currently provide an owned and contracted based fleet. Having the advantage of owning our own fleet, gives us the opportunity to better serve and accomplish tasks in a prompt and assured manner. We will have the right equipment to safely deliver your freight. The service we provide is specifically tailored to benefit our customers.  Also, please feel free to call our office at 855-262-4563 and one of our logistics specialist will help you get all your questions answered.

The names Flatbed and Specialized refer to the type of trailer required to provide you with the proper safe mode of transportation.


A flatbed is usually either 48′ or 53′ in length and 102″ (8′ 6″) in width. Unlike a van trailer which in many cases has the same external dimensions, a flatbed trailer allows us to transport freight which is 102″ wide and can be safely loaded from all sides of the trailer. The overall bed height can change by manufacturer by a couple of inches, but in general 58″ – 60″ is a good standard bed height. This will accommodate a cargo height of approximately 8’6″.


In the situation where a lower bed is needed to accommodate the cargo height being shipped, a Step-deck trailer can be substituted. Like the flatbed trailer the overall length is typically 48′ or 53′ with a portion of the deck lowered which has a deck around 40″, giving you an extra 20″ or so for cargo height. This will accommodate a cargo height of approximately 10’2″.

Specialized Double-drop RGN


Once the height of a shipment gets taller, or the cargo needs to be driven onto a trailer, a double-drop or RGN (Removable Goose Neck) will be needed. This option will lower the deck height to between 22″ to 24″ allowing a cargo height of approximately 11’6″ Just Like the flatbed and Step-deck trailers the overall length is typically 48′ or 53′ with the deck lowered to form a well of approximately 30′ in length. This will accommodate a cargo height of approximately 11′ 6″.
For a Flatbed, Step-deck or RGN, the actual height of the load including the trailer height cannot exceed 13′ 6″, the width cannot exceed 8′ 6″ and the total gross weight including tractor (truck), trailer and cargo cannot exceed 80,000 lbs. to be considered a legal load. Legal loads in most cases can be transported without requiring additional permits, escorts and route surveys throughout North America.
Any Load which exceed any of these restrictions, *height, width, length and weight are considered over-dimensional and will require one of our heavy haul and over dimensional experts.
*Some states allow a legal height of 14′ or even 14′ 6″ but 13′ 6″ is the most common.